Nedenfor følger information om COVID-19 situationen i Eurilca distriktet, og hvilken indflydelse det har på 2020 stævner.

European Championships 2020, Europa Cup and Euro Masters 2020, Covid-19 and EurILCA Master Coordinator

First of all, we expect that you, family, friends and all the people around you are fine.
This is a very difficult time who is now affecting our lives.

A team, Charlotte who is charge of the entry system has contracted Covid-19 at her work by one of his colleagues.
We wish Charlotte a good recovery and we have some thoughts about her during this difficult time.

As you understand, we have been obliged to make some changes in the calendar
and have already moved 3 of our Europeans championships to the month of October2020.
We are in discussions for the 2 others Europeans ( Radial Youth and 4.7), one was already
moved from April to the end of June but it could be still difficult..

The latest Europeans moved was the senior Europeans who was originally organized by
the Kalamata Nautical Club Poseidon mid May 2020. Kalamata is a very nice costal city which most it economy is based on tourism.
Now all hotels are closed and it is not sure when the tourist season will start this year. We asked the club to move the dates of the event in October.

Due to the stop of the tourist economy in Kalamata, the Kalamata Nautical Club Poseidon
could not get the support financially in October as it had for the event in May.

This is why with great regret the club has to withdraw and accepted the offer of another club in
Athens the Nautical Club of Kalamaki (NOK) to hold the event in October.

EurILCA expect that we will be able to come to Kalamata in the future and thanks all the team of
Kalamata Poseidon, Sailing Club, his members, all the volunteers, the city of Kalamata, the sponsors, etc.. and especially the President
of the Kalamata Nautical Club Poseidon Mr Dimitrios Kakalikas for the efforts and energy they all put for that event.

We are also cancelling some Europa Cups and postponing then as well as Euro Masters. Update are on the EurILCA website.

Master Coordinator:

Beat Heinz was the EuriLCA Master Coordinator until the 7th of march 2020 when he resigned from his position.
There is no rush to find a new Master Coordinator. However the EurILCA executive is accepting proposal for the transition
from active master sailor. A new Master coordinator will be elected at the next EAGM in November 2020 in Monaco.

The Master coordinator,as all the other position at the EurILCA executive committee, is a volunteer position.


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